Why you should be learning Gnar and how to play him



So I’ve been spamming games with this champion and come to the conclusion he is ridiculously strong. Not ban or instantly lose priority but really quite dangerous in that Gnar’s versatility is unmatched, let’s go over some of his strengths

  • No losing lane match ups

Gnar beats most melee champions really hard and goes even against champions he cannot outright duel as he’s able to farm with boomerang from a massive range.

  • Great kill or tower taking potential in lane

When Gnar gains the edge he takes it and a mile more, he exerts a lot of pressure when opponents have to avoid you even in mini form

  • Scales extremely well in mid and late game skirmish or teamfight scenarios

Gnar can duel equal farm adcs very easily and even when behind has the option to build tanky and continue contributing through his strong scaling abilities

  • Very effective with use of teleport

Gnar is either fast or very hard hitting and both forms are good at cleaning up fights across the map, turn a close 2v2 into a double kill and dragon!

  • Fits any team comp

Have a poke comp? Boomerangs! Hard engage? Megagnar! Protect the carry comp? You’ve got cc! Split pushing? Not many can duel a Gnar!

This posts already quite long so I’ll talk about runes masteries and build orders below the cut

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